Wandering Aimlessly

Every relationship has its peaks and valleys. There are days where y’all are all cute and flirty but the next you can be at each other’s throats screaming profanities. These situations can come from almost anything under the sun such as the most common, finances, or even simpler things that may seem incredibly pointless. Some of the time people even go at it because there is a misunderstanding in the expectations of the other.

No one wants to get into an argument with their significant other but you need to face the fact that if it hasn’t already happened then it’s going to. It can be pretty intense and frightening during and even after the fact. Thoughts racing through your head about whether this is really what you want or how guilty you feel for what just happened. You then sulk in the pain and guilt even if you were…

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I thought that going any extended length of time without playing videogames was going to be really hard.  To my surprise, it wasn’t very hard at all.  I thought it would be really hard because I had spent so much of my free time playing videogames either by myself or against others online.  I also used the online feature as a way to contact and/or stay in touch with my friends.  It helped me stay in touch with my friends who started college before I did.

I found that going without videogames was easier than I had first thought.  During the week that I went without videogames, I found other things to spend my time doing.  Some of the things I spent the week doing were hanging out with friends and my family, watching TV either alone or with my parents, listening to music, and talking with my friends over…

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History is a very important part of life today. It allows us to learn from the past and inspire the future. In my art class I have been given another problem, a nasal spray ad. Most of my inspiration is coming from greek mythology. I find greek mythology so interesting because it has beauty, spirituality, and a touch of mystery. Since we did not live in the past it is hard to fully understand a culture or a belief. That is why I love history so much. History can always be reinterpreted because there is not just one meaning. Mystery in art is a beautiful thing because then the viewer gets to make their own meaning. I was especially inspired by Hercules and Greek astrology. Both ideas are very bold and are not commonly associated with nasal spray which is exactly why I want to use them. With Hercules, I…

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A Sweet Sweet Life

Hello, world and welcome to my personal blog. I am so happy to be able to share my thoughts and experiences with you. While some of you may have absolutely no interest in what I write here, others will find that they can relate easily. My hope is that I can inspire you to live life to the fullest, and seek out the adventures this world has waiting for you.

Around the time I turned 40, I realized my life was really just getting started. There was a time when I wondered what I would do … how I would survive as my children started to grow up, need me less, move out, etc. What I recently realized, however, is that while part of me is sad that my “babies” don’t need me like they once did, I now have the freedom to experience life in a new way.


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Annablogia: Fit for Fun

Annablogia - negative emotions

Did you know that negative emotions have even been linked to premature death? As I have mentioned earlier in my last post beating ourselves up with negative emotions can absolutely get us of the track… not just training but living.

Negative emotions can affect and even destroy our lives causing: 

  • Excessive tiredness
  • Stomach problems
  • Significant weight loss or weight gain
  • Back and neck problems
  • Insomnia
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Breathing problems
  • Change in appetite
  • Hampered immunity
  • And much much much much much more …

Apparently certain emotions can affect certain organ more than others. For example after excessive crying, personally I would get breathing issues and stomach pains; however getting scared or stressed just causes tiredness. Although these are just feelings, negative emotions don’t just make us feel like crap but also literally make organs work worse. The truth is that particular emotions have been known to ‘target’ select bodily systems.

For example, impatience…

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Annablogia: Fit for Fun

I just could not ignore this… I have always been winging (or I must say complaining) about how awful (good for the industries of course) marketing and advertising campaigns are … the ones  which make the rest of the world WANT (desire / crave) to buy Coka Cola, McDonalds, chicken nuggets, Nuttella … I believe I do not need to continue here. However with GM food and manufacturing of food (OMG listen to how it sounds!) I am personally not sure about the quality of carrots, broccoli, chicken etc. Nothing is really REAL any more and many people do not know it, do not care or … ignorance is bless isn’t it 🙂 Well, I want to invest some time in sharing my thoughts on it …

Annablogia- how food industry deceives us

To be frank I personally can hardly distinguish Good foods from Bad foods nowadays. This is why I decided to publish Mark Bittman’s TED talk “What’s wrong with what we eat” but not…

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