Tonight I received news that one of the great figures of English rock has died. Kevin Ayers, aged 68, was the founding member of the Soft Machine, a band that inspired a generation of young musicians and singer-songwriters alike. I had most of Kevin’s vinyl records, they didn’t gather dust.

Many moons ago I formed a 3 piece band called Whatever She Brings We Sing, after the name of his early 70’s ground-breaking album. It was a tribute band to Kevin’s song-writing, and a few compositions of my own pen bundled in for good measure. All the time I felt his hand in my guitar playing, in performing, his genuine affection and respect for Blues music and a rather unique whimsical sense of humour.
His unique voice also captured a whiskey throated, gravely soul that projected pure love.

Sadly Kevin dwindled in the eighties and nineties due to the effect…

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