The Crestiad

Emily Baxter, Web Editor

I remember the very first time I ever held a gun. It was a .22 automatic rifle with polished oak. I positioned it on target and my finger itched for the trigger. Two seconds later, I hit the target—dead on.

I wasn’t there to kill anyone. I was there because my grandpa thought it was important for his grandchildren to defend themselves from perverts and rapists but also because guns are great for hunting. My grandfather is 70-years-old and can still can hit a raccoon from the front porch when it’s yards away.

I want to protect myself. That’s why I want to pack heat. I don’t have to at Cedar Crest because of our great Campus Police, but when I turn 21, I’m signing up for a gun class and purchasing a handgun of my own.

The gun control debate woke up after the Sandy…

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