brett's wonderful page of incoherence.

it’s all bleeding coming together. what a place.You couldn’t get bored could ya? you could go round this.ha ha. you could go round a pointed rock. look at this. got a tyre on a rope, a tyre on a bleeding rope. who came up with that? who could come up with that? Higher, lower, higher lower, (I’m in a zoo), top flight food, (got to be
gourmet chef, innit?)

You watching Luxury Comedy yet? Contrived to the point of being distressingly comforting.

yet the question still begs, how far would you walk for a R2 coin my laanie?R2
Ja, it’s about 22mm in diameter. (just measured it. well roughly, etched it’s circumference in my desk with a guitar pick. it measure 22mm on a PEP stores ruler, 22mm of some shiny alloy.)
i’d  wager 10 of them that a single coin cost more in energy to extract and fabricate than the it’s net value. no matter…

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