Abstract: Agriculture is and will remain a key growth driver for Africa. Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are revitalizing Africa’s private sector and should play an increasing role in Africa’s green revolution. Experts cite several reasons for the disconnect between Africa’s agricultural potential and its current state, including macro-level hurdles such as currency risk and market-distorting policies, and micro-level hurdles such as a lack of financing and management expertise, rural location, and lack of political connections. The authors believe that agriculture-focused entrepreneurial management is the primary hurdle, and they propose an innovative model to mitigate this over the short and medium-term.


“Seventy percent of employment in Africa comes from agriculture, so you can argue that, in Africa, agriculture and economy are synonymous. In effect, you cannot modernize the economy in Africa without starting with agriculture.” This quote, from Prof. Calestous Juma’s

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