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I love non-fiction and probably read three for every book of fiction that I read. But fiction can explain the subtleties of real life in ways that non-fiction can’t touch. I recently discovered the mystery writing of Malla Nunn, a writer and film-maker born in Swaziland (southern Africa) who lives in Australia. Her books take place in South Africa during the early 50’s just as the most oppressive apartheid laws were being implemented in that country. These laws, the racism, and the political power struggle between (Dutch) Afrikaners and Brits are all described in lush detail creating a nuanced snapshot of daily life in South Africa at that time. Her stories are disturbing and engaging, revolving around the black, colored and white cultures that were forced to co-exist and interact, but never mix, under apartheid rule.

These books are about murder, politics, corruption, racism, friendship, morality, hypocrisy and survival. English…

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