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6thApril 2013 | Emmarentia Dam

cropped-holi-one-logo1.pngSomething colourful is on its way!

 The HOLI ONE Colour Festival will be launching in South Africa, with the very firstEVER event to be held in Cape Town on the 2nd of March 2013.  People  have been asking  me ‘When is this coming to Johannesburg? My answer is simple……  “The event will take place on Saturday, the 6th of April at Emmarentia Dam, from 12:00 – 20:00.

You can Expect nothing less than a day of  Top Electronic Dance Music performed by Top Artists, Exhilarating Energy, and last but not least, throwing the colourful HOLI ONE powder in the air (and at each other) on the hour, every hour, from 13:00 onwards.

Throwing the powder not only creates an Amazing visual experience for all those attending, but also Expresses freedom and…

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  1. dalekopping says:

    Thank you for re blogging my post.
    If you’d like to stay up to date on more events happening in South Africa please go to my facebook page and click like and share or my group and join.


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