A research carried out in the Republic of South Africa has revealed that donkey, water buffalo and goat meat have been sold as burgers and sausages in the country strangely to people.

A study published by the local Stellenbosch University found that 99 of 139 samples contained species not declared in the product label that was sold on the market to consumers.

It found that soya and gluten were not labeled in 28% of products tested, undeclared pork in 37% and chicken in 23% in total.

The Stellenbosch University said it had sufficient evidence to prove that there is a massive fraud in the meat on the market which is sold to consumers and government must act quickly to stop it.

“There’s a fair share of fraudulent meat products on the South African market, according to a new study by meat scientists from Stellenbosch University,” the university reports on…

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