Alex decides to grow

On sunday I was taking a walk on campus, alone, along the fence. I was thinking about the whole Oscar Pistorius thing, and that 17 year old girl who was raped and mutilated a few weeks ago, in this very country, they left her guts spilling out when they were done. She was 17. I am 18. And of course, there is something wrong here, if this is the rape capital of the world and people do this everyday, then surely something is wrong…

I was thinking, what would I do if someone were to just jump out at me and maybe assault me. I was thinking Naive things, like… Run, or turn and yell.

Until it happened. These 7 guys just swarmed the fence and started yelling things, and whistling and making threats. I was alone, the closest person might have been about a 100m away. There was…

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