Scattered Thoughts.

Last year i swapped my university course in the hope that the change would generate some interest in the subject on my part. It didn’t. Changing courses/universities or thinking of dropping out is a weekly, if not daily thought.

I’m not interested in what I’m studying in the slightest, consequently my grades will reflect this, yes I’m passing, but that’s all I’m doing. I know I’m better than what I’m showing now. I know I am. Not to be big headed but my grades don’t reflect what I know I’m capable of. I feel like I’ve wasted my time merely coasting through the last year and a half. That my time would be better spent elsewhere.

But i can’t just quit. I can’t admit defeat.

I know I’m not done with all of this, I know this isn’t the end of my academic life. But i can’t invest thousands and…

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