Baskers World

I watched this earlier on today. It was quite compelling, if somewhat truly and utterly horrific.

I don’t know what horrified me more, the fact that “Justice” could be commercialised Big Brother Style, or that people would actually pay to be part of “Justice” Safari Park style. What does that say as a measure of society if we revel in this form of “Justice” and financially profit from the sales of tickets, merchandise, and advertising contracts?

What also disturbed me is that it amidst the calls for “Justice” we hear of daily in the papers and media, is that this cut far too close to the bone, could this be a possible future for “Justice”?

A truly compelling watch. TV at it’s best, making you question your very stance on “Justice”.

Well done Charlie Brooker. Well done. Black Mirror is fantastically disturbing and challenges our conceptions on key issues, and possible…

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