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What is with all of the murder?  It seems like it’s a weekly routine to find out about some new tragedy that has happened.  Policemen are shooting policemen.  Policemen are shooting civilians by mistake.  Skinny video gamers are murdering children in a blaze of glory that mimics their favorite games.  Is our world changing to an evil place?  Are we changing into desensitized creatures that are not phased with hearing the news of innocent human beings being killed in cold blood?  Or are we just hearing about it more? 

            There have been over 140 casualties from these shootings just this year.  This is double than any other year within the last century.  So why?  Is the internet to blame?   Are these lost teens searching for good parenting and good relationships on the internet?  It is possible that by being trapped in cyberspace these teens never develop strong social skills. …

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