Annablogia: Fit for Fun

I just could not ignore this… I have always been winging (or I must say complaining) about how awful (good for the industries of course) marketing and advertising campaigns are … the ones  which make the rest of the world WANT (desire / crave) to buy Coka Cola, McDonalds, chicken nuggets, Nuttella … I believe I do not need to continue here. However with GM food and manufacturing of food (OMG listen to how it sounds!) I am personally not sure about the quality of carrots, broccoli, chicken etc. Nothing is really REAL any more and many people do not know it, do not care or … ignorance is bless isn’t it 🙂 Well, I want to invest some time in sharing my thoughts on it …

Annablogia- how food industry deceives us

To be frank I personally can hardly distinguish Good foods from Bad foods nowadays. This is why I decided to publish Mark Bittman’s TED talk “What’s wrong with what we eat” but not…

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