Rivers of Hope

By Wale Odunsi

“So soldiers killed four undergraduates and over 24 hours later, Education Minister maintains a deafening silence. No one has resigned; no one thinks it is appropriate to apologize…Who says Nigeria is not a jungle.” – My father, a septuagenarian and civil war survivor, asked rhetorically a day after the gruesome murder of NSUK students.
For years decades, the Nigerian Military have never failed to remind us that we are in a country where the amount of respect for bloody civilians can barely buy a loaf of ‘Agege’ bread or a bag of ‘pure water’.

The intolerance, arrogance and zero-decorum they display when handling civil matters is best seen than heard and when we complain, the top echelon claim that the subordinate officers who carry out despicable acts are the “bad eggs”. But have the bad eggs taken over the basket?

Personally, I think it’s high…

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