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South Africa: Police officers handcuff a man to a police van and drag him. He eventually meets his demise, in a jail cell.

Besides the obvious horror of this episode of police brutality, its interesting to note the motive for such actions. What wrong-doing could lead to a punishment of this matter. The man was not a cold-blooded murderer, a monsterous rapist, or a child abductor.  He was a cab driver, who was illegally parked in the streets of Daveyton, South Africa. It appears then, that there was no real motive, no harm being caused, that should result in such police action.

The Police Investigative Directorate in South Africa has received more than 6,000 complaints in 2012 alone, accusing police officers of brutalities such as torture and murder. The police force is supposed to represent safety and justice to a community. Why is the opposite occurring? There are many arguments…

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