Okay, so after the drinks I’ll talk a little bit about the different kinds of foods I ate during my trip to Brazil (yes I know – I’m already back here in Germany, time passed so fast!). First of all, there’s the banana. Well, everybody knows that kind of fruit, obviously, but in Brazil there are two different types of bananas: The ones you eat right away and the ones you have to cook or fry first before you can eat them. They are bigger than eating-right-away-bananas, and so you can recognize them pretty easily. You can buy them in the local supermarkets or markets and Borboleta made a partly fried- partly cooked banana for my to try it. Yummy! It tasted really good! It was sweet, but not too sweet and fried banana has definitely a better taste than just cooked ones.

banana you can just cook or fryIMG_0239

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